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Customer Testimonials

"With our (Kentucky Gauge) PD100, we are producing cuts within 0.002” tolerance."
  - Casey Clark
  Project Engineer
  THK America
"The machine is working great, better than I even expected."
  - Roger Ferryman
  Engineering Manager
"The gauge works great. The repeatability is wonderful. We are saving hours per day and virtually have eliminated the scrap from our cutting process."
  - Mark Nelson
  Manufacturing Engineer
  Visa Lighting Corp.
"I have told our owner that the Kentucky Gauge machine was the best piece of equipment we have purchased. It has been absolutely great."
  - Pat Dodge
  Saw Operator
  Ametco Mfg. Corp.
“The gauge works great, better than I even expected.  It has increased productivity greatly.”
  - Howard Mercer
  Howard Mercer Metalworks
“The machines work great, we have 4 systems in place and we rely on their repeatability in our process control.”
  - Ron Mika
  Quality Manager
  T & B Tube
“Our gauge has been a great improvement for our quality control, reducing time and increasing accuracy.”
  - Steve Vogt
  Process Engineer
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