KDP - Automatic Drilling System

KDP – Automatic Drilling System

Built-to-order automatic drill systems. Customized to work the way you need them to.

Ideal for aluminum, steel and composites, tubular and flat bar materials, the Kentucky Gauge KDP series of drilling systems will increase your efficiency in producing high quality parts in an efficient and lean manner. With varying horse power options and two speed stroke control, a customized drilling solution can be provided to meet your specific requirements.

All drilling systems are built-to-order and customized to meet your drilling requirements.

Check out the photos and videos below to see a few examples of the drilling systems we’ve manufactured.

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Key Features


5-Micron Linear Encoder – Non-Contact and Wear-Free

Our linear encoders boast a resolution of 0.005mm, allowing you to achieve unparalleled length accuracies. The non-contact nature of these encoders ensures high-accuracy measurements for a lifetime.

Unlike rotary encoders, there are no moving parts. All the mechanical components found in rotary encoders (flange, shaft, bearings, etc.) are not needed, which eliminates mechanical failures.

Self-Feeding Pneumatic Drilling Units

Self-Feeding Pneumatic Drilling Units

Each pneumatic drilling unit is designed specifically for production drilling (and tapping) operations. With varying capacity and size options available, a drilling unit is available for any application that requires holes from 1/32″ to 2″ or larger!

Rack and Pinion Drive - Rugged and Reliable

Rack and Pinion Drive – Rugged and Reliable

Unlike belt drive systems, our rack and pinion drive isn’t prone to wear or fatigue. Moreover, we’re not limited by the belt length. We can build these systems to measure ANY LENGTH that you require.

Fully Programmable with I/O's for any Equipment or Tool

Fully Programmable with I/O's for Multiple Drill Heads

Our controllers are fully programmable to do exactly what you need them to do. The controllers are simple to program at the keypad without requiring specialized training. If you require nesting and optimization, programs can be optimized using Excel and downloaded to the controllers using our supplied software.

We also include a free-standing controller stand that allows you to place the controller where it’s most convenient for your operators.

Hydrospeed Feed Controls

Hydrospeed Feed Controls

The HydroSpeed unit provides rapid advance and precise control during the critical drilling process and breakthrough.

PeckFeed units are available for deep hole drilling where the depth of the hole requires that you remove the tooling to clear the chips or drilling debris.

Clean Hole Breakthrough

Clean Hole Breakthrough

Utilizing the hydrospeed feed control and proper RPM settings, you can minimize a secondary deburring process with a very clean hole breakthrough.

Proximity Sensors for Stroke Control

Proximity Sensors for Stroke Control

All drilling systems come standard with adjustable proximity sensors to provide end-of-stroke control and proof of stroke return. These allow the operator to precisely control the drill stroke to provide the most efficient cycle time possible.

Heavy Duty KDP with 7 Drills

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Need to drill and tap? NO PROBLEM.
Need to drill on multiple planes? NO PROBLEM.

You tell us what you need and our dedicated production team will make it happen.



LCD controller with fractional display available on request.

0.001″, 0.01mm, 1/64″ (on request)
Encoder Accuracy

Non-contact and wear-free magnetic linear encoder.

± 0.0005″
System Repeatability

Overall system accuracy varies based on system length.

± 0.001″ / 0.01mm
Hole Sizes

With varying HP and RPM options, we can provide a turnkey system to automatically drill nearly any hole size and nearly any material type.

1/32 to 2+”
Travel Speed

For smooth and accurate positioning, our motor drive incorporates acceleration and deceleration speed ramps, which can affect overall speed when pushing heavy weights.

Additional gearbox ratios available to adjust speed and/or pushing capacity

15-20″ / sec
Thrust Force

Multiple drill sizes available to accommodate the required thrust forces.

up to 1,000 lbs
Program Memory

Additional programs can be stored on a PC and downloaded to our controllers using our DAVe software.

3000 Individual Positions
Measuring Range

Unlike our competitors, we’re not limited to a few standard sizes. We can build our systems to ANY length that you require.


Manuals / Downloads

Due to the large selection of customization options, manuals are provided as general guidelines only. Supplemental material is provided for customized features.


Skipfeed Package

Skipfeed Package

Ideal for tube and pipe drilling, the Skipfeed enables a rapid traverse through the void when drilling both walls. This vastly improves the cycle time in tube and pipe drilling applications.

Self-Reversing Tapping Head

Self-Reversing Tapping Head

Self-reversing tapping heads allow for drilling and tapping operations to be handled with one drill head. The tapping system is capable of any thread configuration within its capacity range without any internal changes. No longer is it necessary to have an individual lead screw for each thread pitch.

Customized Multi-Spindles Heads

Customized Multi-Spindles Heads

Multiple Spindle Heads for gang drilling, tapping, reaming, polishing and brush turning, product spinning, etc. can often be made to the exact pattern and custom design you desire.