5 Ways the PD100 Can Improve Your Manufacturing

As manufacturing companies face mounting pressure to increase productivity while maintaining quality standards, automation is emerging as the answer to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. One tool that has proven particularly effective is the Kentucky Gauge PD100, a high-precision length stop and pusher system that helps manufacturers increase accuracy and reduce errors in their production processes. Whether your sawing, drilling, punching, notching, rotary cutting, shearing, forming, or bending, the PD100 will have an immediate impact on your productivity.

Below, we discuss five ways that integrating the Kentucky Gauge PD100 into your production workflow can improve manufacturing operations, increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and help minimize the effects of the ongoing labor shortage.

Enhanced Accuracy and Part Quality

The Kentucky Gauge PD100 is a positioning system that provides high-precision measurement and automation capabilities to manufacturing processes. It is designed to work with a variety of machine types and can be used as a type-n-go length stop, automated length stop, or an automated pusher system. The combination of our magnetic linear encoder and position controller provides quick, precise, and easy-to-read measurements; making it easy for operators to ensure that parts are accurate, from the first cut to the final finish. By improving part accuracy and quality, the PD100 can help reduce errors, material waste, and rework, saving your organization time and money.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, time is a valuable commodity. By streamlining production processes, manufacturers can achieve faster throughput times and increase productivity.

One way the Kentucky Gauge PD100 can help do this is by reducing set-up times. Operators can quickly and accurately get the setup right and start producing parts faster. Additionally, the PD100 can automate repetitive tasks like positioning, freeing up operators to focus on more complex tasks, and increasing overall throughput.

Mitigating Labor Shortages

Amidst an ongoing labor shortage in manufacturing, companies are struggling to keep pace with production demands. Incorporating automation tools like the Kentucky Gauge PD100 is a way to mitigate the effects of labor shortages by reducing the need for human labor in certain tasks. With the PD100 automating tasks like positioning and measurement, operators can be reallocated to other tasks, reducing the burden on existing staff while maintaining or even improving overall production performance.

Streamlined Quality Control

Quality control is critical in manufacturing, but it can be challenging to achieve without precise measurement tools. The Kentucky Gauge PD100 can help streamline quality control by providing accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements with each part manufactured. By ensuring that parts are measured accurately at each step in the process, the PD100 can help manufacturers catch quality issues early in the production cycle, reducing the risk of costly rework or scrap.

Connect Directly with CAD and BIM Software

Kentucky Gauge tablet package

Kentucky Gauge + PypeServer Lyte is a powerful combination for streamlining workflow. With the ability to connect directly to CAD and BIM software, PypeServer Lyte and the PD100 create a seamless workflow from model to fabrication by pulling part info directly from models created in Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Fabrication CADmep, and Inventor among others. PypeServer Lyte also integrates natively with MSUITE, STRATUS, SysQue, and Evolve.

The PD100’s precision measuring capabilities combined with PypeServer Lyte’s ability to automate manual processes, such as programming and part labeling, can reduce errors and save time, ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget. In addition, the real-time communication provided by PypeServer Lyte and PD100 allows for quick updates and adjustments to be made, minimizing downtime, and reducing the risk of costly errors.

The Kentucky Gauge PD100 is an invaluable tool for manufacturers looking to improve their production processes, increase efficiency, and maintain quality standards. By automating repetitive tasks, improving accuracy, and streamlining quality control, manufacturers can save time and money while mitigating the effects of the ongoing labor shortage. With the Kentucky Gauge PD100, manufacturers can produce high-quality parts more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, setting their organization up for long-term success.

Published on April 26, 2023